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Bad Karma

Bad Karma
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Members of the band

  Erik Wilcox- vocals, guitars
  Kate Smith- vocals, keyboards
  Travis Nelson- Bass
  Jessica Dentice- lighting, backing vocals
  Kelly heiser- drums, percussions

General info

  We're a five piece metal/punk/rock band featuring male and female vocals. We've been described as White Zombie meets My Ruin meets Social D. We have a new album out now called "Point A"with some awesome songs like "Talk Shit (What'd You Say?), "Never Come Home", and "Just One Song". Come check 'em out!

Download free music

Just One Song n/a Download
never Come Home n/a Download
No Place To Hide n/a Download
Talk Shit (What'd You Say?) n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks