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Members of the band

  mike kondol

General info

  After moving to Seattle he met Scott McCaughy (young fresh fellow, minus 5, REM).Scott was working at a record store at this time. He encouraged Kondol to put out his demos locally. A few demos later, after recording in expensive studios like historic Kaye-Smith studio (Fly like an Eagle-Steve Miller and Heart)in Seattle, Kondol followed McCaughey's advice and finished his first CD "Avand Guard" a few years later in his and his friends's (Robert Hammerstrom - cyze-o-graph studio).He has been recording since then.Currently Kondol is putting out a new cd. It was mastered by Jack Endino and is available through CD street.

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cynacal 2.33 MB Download
jusbyluck 3.90 MB Download
tornados & hurricanes 2.98 MB Download

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