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Authors of

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Members of the band

  Carolyn- Vocals, keyboard
  Kirill- Acoustic guitar, vocals
  Reid- Drums

General info

  This is Authors of, a newly created band from the Chicago area. They have been in previous bands together, but decided to create one that really showed our style and musical abilities. The lead singer and keyboardist, Carolyn, has been playing instruments including flute, drums, piano, some guitar, and vocals. She has had vocal training for eight years with operatic training, plus and has been in three bands before finding this band which fitted her interests perfectly. The guitar player, Kirill, and the drummer Reid, have been playing together for six years in previous bands and both have experience in numerous instruments. Authors of promotes a different style with a combination of keyboard, drums, and acoustic guitar with the attitude, passion, and stage presence of a rock band. Influences range from classical (Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Handel, Debussy, Hayden, etc.), mainstream (Phantom Planet, Foo Fighters, The Used, U2, Third Eye Blind), independent (Radiohead, Beck, Murder By Death, Mike Park, Until Sundown, Dormlife, The Blood Brothers), and many other genres. They like to mix styles, but base it off of an acoustic sound. They have played previous smaller shows, but now are looking to expand their boarders and meet many other bands from different styles and musical backgrounds. They have a recently released demo of two plus songs titled "Showtunes from Beyond the Grave." If you have any questions for the band, or would just like to chat, email or talk to them on aim through authorsof or yahoo messanger through theauthorsof. Also, they have a myspace, a purevolume, and vote for them for a warped tour battle of the bands at so make sure to listen to it to give them votes!

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