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Audio Weapon

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Members of the band

  Robert Stutzman - 5,6, and 7 string guitars, synths, percussion, and vocals
  All music and lyrics copyright 2006, 2008

General info

  Audio Weapon has risen from the dark forest foothills of the New Hampshire White Mountain. All through these years, never satisfied with playing others music, I took on the need of being the mad composer, writting and refining abilities, and direction of tastes. With a unique approach has fused the styles of progessive, metal, and hard rock to form a different and unique take on composing music.
  All aspects of the production are controlled by AUDIO WEAPON. From the initial concept of melodies and rythms to the recording, mixing and post production. No aid or desire for the presentation of perfection in sound. Music in it's being and instincts are imperfect as with the human existance. It is heard exactly as it was recorded with all the imperfections that make it a truly human experience of unseen art.

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