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Members of the band

  Vocals /Guitar - Jason Napier--------------- Guitar /Vocal - Dony West----------------- Drums / Percussion - Matt Sells--------------------------- Bass / Vocal - Steve Walter

General info

  SINK TO SEE Artist Profile:
  In the late summer of 1995 the band Sink to See was born. Two students, Jason Napier and Dony West, met while attending art school in Columbus, Ohio. Together they formed a rock band and called it Sink to See, there they began a songwriting partnership. Their guitar driven, emotionally melodic indie rock tunes, along with a little hard work, helped them garner attention on the local college scene. In January of 2001, the band uprooted from the Midwest and dropped onto the coastal town of Santa Barbara, California where they made their rock n' roll nest. Where the band ended up was living next to airplane runway where they lived and rehearsed, the point of origin for the new name the band adopted, calling themselves Audiopilot. Initially being compared sonically to Radiohead and vocally and emotionally to The Smashing Pumpkins, the band were evolving and establishing their own identity and sound while paying dues, gigging incessantly and gaining notoriety opening for such acts as The Breeders, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, AM Radio, Summercamp, The Pen Fifteen Club and Ima Robot. It was there, too, that the band went into the studio to record their first demo. Making a name for themselves, but not content to rest on their Santa Barbara laurels, they brought the band back and forth from SB to Los Angeles in September of 2001. There they continued their musical endeavors on a more serious and focused level. After a year of writing, regrouping, gigging and living in between L.A. and Santa Barbara, AP recorded several new tracks in 2002, as well as their most recent self-produced work in early 2004 at the Compound Studios in Long Beach. In early 2005 in Los Angeles, Jason and Dony were joined by percussionist Matt Sells and bass guitarist Steve Walter as the band began work on a library of new songs, new recordings, and upcoming gigs throughout the new year, breathing new life into the group and taking all things to the next level, and thus with the change that has come with the blessing of new members in the AP camp has ushered in what is to be a new title for what is now a new band, a name calling back to the band's origin, reaching back and adopting their original title as SINK TO SEE. Sink to See is a band of songwriters with old school rock ní roll heart and soul with an indie rock core, Sink to See has longevity. A very close group of musicians bringing to life music that has been stirring inside them since the bands infancy. Lushly melodic, sometimes dark and evocative of mood, their music is fueled by emotional vocals and lyrics that paint elaborate pictures. Sink to See make music which shows the many faces, feelings and emotions of the band. They are true to their musicianship, and always trying to better themselves and the world through music.

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