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Patrick Lew's Band -- Dexter Rotten

Patrick Lew's Band -- Dexter Rotten
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Patrick Lew -- Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Computer
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General info

  Internet musician SINCE 2000. Creating music in the studio on my computer, and promoting it online through websites like this. This is Patrick Lew's Band. 100% original hard rock music with guitars, computers and shit.
  Formed: 2001 in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
  Music Career
  Early Music Career
  The Internet musician (or independent music creator) known to computers and those who hear music on the Internet named Patrick Lew began his music career at the age of 13 in middle school. He might NOT be the BEST musician or good at creating Rock And Roll music but it's his Audio Riot to make your knuckle bleed and buckle. Lew began playing guitar at the age of 13 when he got one at a Guitar Center as a gift.
  At the time, he was playing guitar in the garage band Goldenweasel around mid-1999 with his middle school classmates. Lew's been into music since an early age, even working at a Tower Records store as a teenager. Influenced by Bay Area thrash metal, arena rock and grunge, Lew spent most of his time playing music although Goldenweasel never promoted their work online or took the music outside the basement. Lew was at the time playing music in the style of late 1990s and early 2000s nu metal and Blink 182 as he wanted to do music and be a musician due to his passion for it.
  Silent Minister/Band of Asians (2001-2008)
  Early Years (2001-2003
  In San Francisco's diverse local music scene, known for Bay Area thrash metal bands such as Exodus, Testament and obviously. Metallica. Patrick Lew formed his first REAL recording and live performing band called Silent Minister at Wallenberg High School as a freshmen around 2001. Although this local band changed lineups constantly before their 2006 breakup in which the band evolved into Band of Asians. He met 12-year old guitarist Eddie Blackburn through a schoolmate and began jamming on the weekends to play Rock And Roll. Lew recorded his FIRST demo tape called "Live! Like a Garage Band!" without the members of Silent Minister playing the instruments. Though the disastrous demo tape was credited to Lew's high school band.
  At the time, Lew was playing guitar and writing his own songs. Though every member of the band had individual musical tastes. Eddie was into Steve Vai and '80s neo-classical metal. Lew respected most genres of music, though never denying his metal or alternative roots. Silent Minister never had a live drummer, although Lew's childhood friend Tommy Loi played drums in the beginning. He left to focus on getting into college and left music entirely.
  In 2001, Lew met his teenage heroes. The SoCal pop punk band Blink-182 at the HMV record store in his hometown. Lew was humbled by this experience, as he met and chatted with former band members Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus and convincing Mark to purchase Lew a Beatles “Let It Be”? CD at the record store after leaving the Autograph Signing event! Lew gotten advice from Mark Hoppus as a musician starting out his music career at age 15 by, promoting his musical work on the Internet on his website and etc. It was a start!
  Patrick Lew’s Band in Silent Minister also went to Vans Warped Tour 2001, performing at the rock band outlet near the stage where the band New Found Glory was playing.
  Later in 2002, Lew and Blackburn's friend Shawn Blacharski joined the band on bass guitar. They took the music not only as a hobby but seriously as independent musicians trying to earn FAME. However, Lew began promoting his music on the Internet since 2000 on several music pages. Silent Minister later played at "Battle of the Bands" at the Great American Music Hall near Christmas time. A bootleg tape of their live musical performance can be found on mp3 file format on Lew's website but not in its entirety. Also in May of 2002, Lew joined the indie music page that became his home sweet home called as a member and artist.
  Because Silent Minister never had a live drummer, they went out to a music store to buy a drum machine for recording and live musical performances. Because they were too lazy to find a drummer for their music and didn't want to place ads in the paper. And the fact that lots of good drummers in the Bay Area independent music scene were hard to come by.
  ”Tokyo Pop Princess” (2003-2005)
  In 2003, the high school band was offered a record contract with a small Los Angeles record company called Statue Records off an email off their SoundClick music page. They later began recording a bunch of music in their own home studio using primitive Analog recording devices. They published and put out their CD "Psychotic Love" on the Internet.
  The music on that record was VERY primitive (due to outdated recording technology) and some of the songs on "Psychotic Love" were very sloppy due to Lew's indulgent affairs with women he met on the Internet on social-networking websites. The album title "Psychotic Love" was taken from Patrick's favorite hard rock band from Sacramento, Tesla, and their 1991 album “Psychotic Supper”? as an influence. The year was also a time on intense local touring and playing shows. While Lew struggled with some personal problems after the year ended.
  Lew was estranged from his high school girlfriend Amy Sean of three years due to personal and difficult issues. Lew was engaged to her around early 2004 in their romantic relationship but due to Lew's problems with drugs and groupies. The couple tragically split and had not reconciled since. This was a long-held hurt that impacted Patrick Lew in his education, music and personal life.
  Aside from that, Silent Minister's sound was primarily '80s glam metal with a passion for J-Rock and Japanese pop culture. Some of Lew's musical influences from the early 2000s are present in his high school band's sound and recordings. Eddie would lay technical guitar leads as Patrick struggled with his musicianship. Unbalanced, he took a few music theory lessons at the Vibo Music Center and learned composition and slightly improved his GUITAR PLAYING at the music school.
  In 2004, Lew graduated from high school and was off to City College of San Francisco to complete his General Education before going to a 4-year college. Lew also scored his first hit song, "Tokyo Pop Princess" which was about the time he met Japanese pop singer Nami Tamaki after a free concert at a second-hand record store Amoeba. Silent Minister played a couple more shows before preparing to work on their second album.
  By late 2004, Lew and his high school band shown promise as Internet musicians and won a couple honors and awards for their music on the Internet. They recorded their second album "Blizzard of Sound" in one evening on October 23rd at Eddie's house. They even upgraded their musical gear from the Guitar Hut!
  But troubles began to arose. Lew went to rehab due to heroin and drug problems. They were set to tour again but had a bad dispute with Statue Records over an unauthorized recording put out by the company with master tapes of music not intended on that CD. They left Statue for good. When they did tour again, this time however. At Lew's new school of City College. They were not appreciated or welcomed by the Band Originals club who made the event happened. Their final stop was at Balboa High School on February 13, 2005. Which Lew met his new ex-girlfriend Yoshi, whom he dated for a short time.
  Patrick Lew’s Band would NOT perform live again until about two years later as a musician.
  2005 was a good and bad year for Patrick Lew. His friend from City College, an aspiring film maker and electronic musician Zack Huang joined Silent Minister on keyboards in May. They finally released "Blizzard of Sound" on CD and their website but aborted several jam sessions to write music for the third album. In the high school band, dysfunction and drama rattled the musicians.
  Lew and his friend Zack wanted to expand the sound of the high school band's music but the rest of the musicians in Silent Minister wanted to stick with their Jam Band "G3" sound. When tensions got worse, they plodded along and played their final show at Chinatown's Lee Po Lounge on June 9, 2005. Afterwards, Lew and Huang decided to become solo musicians and form a new band to create a different sound and different music. Lew politely gave the rights to Silent Minister to Eddie and Shawn and parted ways on good terms. Eddie and Shawn continue music in other projects since their departure from Patrick Lew’s Band.
  Revenge! (2005-2007)
  Patrick Lew spent much of 2005 reclusive. Although he did went to his online friend Jack Hsu and his band Fantasia’s concert at a local bar on June 30, 2005.
  Later that year, Patrick and Zack were shopping for new musical equipment to beef up their new sound and music. Lew was happy and ultimately depressed because how others treated him at first in school and in romance. He went to Skyline College briefly, and met his musical soulmate and best friend Dave Arceo. Lew and Huang already began recording demos of newer yet "sort of" unique music in Patrick's house on a computer and other electronics. Arceo joined the team of Patrick and Zack and founded the band known today in the music industry as Band of Asians. Their original bassist Augusto Hernandez joined the group and began recording in the studio and at home, their classic masterpiece "Revenge."
  On May 8th 2006, the Band of Asians done an electronic music Tape Recital concert at the Vibo Music Center. Also published as “Band of Asians, Live!”? on their music websites, a live concert EP.
  By this time, Lew had a mission to create what he thought was more "unique" music and tried to fuse sloppy yet effective trickeries in the recording studio when making music to fuse new and old sounds together. The Band of Asians played a few small shows in early 2006 and focused on that "Revenge" album. When the record was released in November 2006, it shown a more different yet creative side to Patrick Lew's music. Though the songs were dark in subject matter, it blended in original instrumentals due to lack of time to write songs in the studio and at home. It was also a breath of fresh air and recovery for Patrick, who suffered a lot of heartbreak in the last two years.
  The big 2007 rolled around, and Lew and his Band of Asians were at their apogee. Although bassist Augusto left for another band, Lew and Arceo's good friend Cory Gaitan made the save and played bass with them for their shows and recordings. Fame was once again on Lew's side.
  Band of Asians toured locally from March to October 2007. Some TIME was also spent in the local recording studio and at home to CREATE music as Patrick, Cory, Dave and Zack spent time working on Band of Asians music and promoting their musical work online through websites like this. Patrick and Cory were also VIPs at the Gothic music nightclub in San Francisco as Dave endorsed himself with MLB's Oakland Athletics. Band of Asians got along well with their peers Scarlett Bombs and Tinkture in the local music scene. Whom Band of Asians toured with from early-to-mid 2007 for KLC Music Company’s local music festival events, sponsoring young and up-and-coming talented musicians and bands to promote their music and play shows.
  The Band of Asians also attended a professional wrestling event in July of ‘07 for a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) PPV show at the San Jose Arena.
  Also, Band of Asians participated in various music tournaments. Sending in their portfolio and resume (along with discs) to TAXI and Despite coming up short.
  Band of Asians also took part on's music contests, although their songs for the tournament went only to the 2nd Round when competing against other bands and music artists. Band of Asians started to splinter when bassist Cory Gaitan took a brief leave of absence overseas in September of 2007. Zack in 2007 plodded in and out of Band of Asians due to a mall job and working on other projects. Patrick and Dave went pretty much in CHARGE of the Band of Asians music creation and project. Until April 2008, they constantly recorded material and rethink their strategy.
  End of an Era (2007-2008)
  In early 2008, Band of Asians was sporadically recording new music in their home recording studio, Band in the Box. They consistently published and posted new music on their various music websites via Internet on their computer. But bad press reviews from some music critics in the independent music media caused problems to creativity in the studio making music. Also, Lew’s pet Pekanese dog passed away in January 9th of 2008. Sending him into a major setback. Dave and Patrick were the only musicians left creating music as Band of Asians and under the Band of Asians franchise, but decided it was time to do other extra-curricular projects and activities. But remain friends.
  Band of Asians disbanded in April 2008 as individual members of the band took part in solo projects and other activities. Lew was going through a lot of personal setbacks once again. He got his college application DENIED by SF State University. And his beloved dog passed away. A little bit rattled with challenges, he took his direction in music. For a brief time, Lew was remixing Video Game Soundtracks on his newly-purchased FL Studio 8 from the music retail store. And posting his DJ and electronic music remixes of well-known Game Soundtracks on Soundclick.
  Patrick Lew’s Band (2008-Present, solo career)
  Solo Superstar and Reconstruction
  In mid 2008, Lew somewhat recovered from his internal trauma as he got accepted to CSU East Bay for University and began his solo music career under the name "Audio 2 Riot." Stripping down the sound and going back to basics. Lew also attended a Carbon/Silicon concert at the Independent Music Club in San Francisco in March, meeting his punk rock heroes Tony James and Mick Jones (formerly of The Clash). In July, Lew and his schoolmates went to John McClaren Park in San Francisco to watch some well-known Thrash Metal bands perform (namely Exodus and Hirax) in a Bay Area Thrash music festival, Tidal Wave. Which also was a FREE concert, Lew also met the band Hirax when Exodus was performing onstage. Taking pictures with the band on his cell phone. Two months earlier, Lew twice hung out with his schoolmate Rose Kwong and was seen with her at Union Square and Chinatown in San Francisco. Which was also the first time the Internet musician Patrick Lew dated an Asian woman in three years.
  Lew is exploring his musical roots in his NEW solo project Dexter Rotten and promoting his musical work on the Internet. It's his music and independent musician job other than solo by playing all the musical instruments from the Guitar Center and making sounds similar to 1980s and 1990s hard rock and fusing hair metal with grunge. Lew already purchased several musical gear, computers and recording softwares at the music store to make Rock And Roll music. He founded Dexter Rotten sometime before Band of Asians broke up, and began creating Dexter Rotten music websites on a variety of independent music websites via Internet for indie music artists. During the latter half of 2008, Audio 2 Riot was mainly creating music at Band in the Box (Lew’s home studio) and posting them on his music pages online.
  Lew left City College of San Francisco in the summer of 2008, and left his hometown of San Francisco parting ways on mutual terms by the end of the year to live with his parents and older brother Ricky in Antioch, California. He later transferred to CSUEB under the CSU college system, but did not receive his Associates Degree from City College as originally promised because he did not complete college-level math at his former school.
  Patrick Lew claims Dexter Rotten is a stripped-down, back to basics creation of his music. Going back to sounding like his favorite bands/artists from the 1980s and early 1990s. Namely the Seattle sound in Grunge. And the 80’s Glam Metal bands he grew up admiring from Hollywood’s music scene. He’s sent in press release copies describing his music career like a mid-term research paper and facts of his music to various outlets on the Internet.
  Although Dexter Rotten is mainly a studio recording band at home. Doing music as a hobby and career as Lew maintained a music career as an Internet musician during the absence of live touring through blogs and new music published on his websites.
  The Underrated Sound Machine (2009-Present)
  In February 2009, Patrick Lew released his solo album “Curb Your Wild Life” via Internet. Which were outtakes of music Lew intended for the aborted Band of Asians follow-up album to “Revenge.” That recording had shown artistic progression and changing times and sounds of Lew’s music. Permanently shedding Lew’s Nu Metal and J-Rock past. And, attempts at creating ART and NEW SOUNDS in his music.
  Early during 2009, Lew assembled new music using a Line6 TonePort and various digital tools to make music with, and recorded several demos in his home of Dexter Rotten music. In recent times, Lew has received small opportunities for his music online from various sources. Currently attending CSUEB for university in Hayward, California, Lew is currently maybe focused on college and education. But is still making music and doing it seriously.

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