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Members of the band

  Kai Pehkonen - vocals, guitars etc.
  Roope Pehkonen - guitars, backing vocals

General info

  Asimov started in 1995 when two musicians shuffled into a local basement studio in order to record a CD full of slow, acoustic songs that had been gathering dust over the years. With enough cash in their pockets for a 10-hour stint (including the mix) the record proved to be a collection of first takes and embarrassing blunders, but did serve as a document of that particular time and place.
  After that forgettable session, Asimov continued on their uneven musical path by rehearsing very irregularly and gigging even more irregularly. New songs emerged and were rehearsed, but it wasn't until the year 2000 when the next CD saw the light of day. Titled "Born To Be Mild", it contained songs recorded in a simple, computerized home studio.
  The same vein continued in 2001 with "Of Alien Origin". This time a drumset and a Telecaster emerged into the proceedings, but everything was still kept very simple.
  The songs on this site are more recent efforts. They're still part of a long learning process where I'm trying to create and produce music at home using a PC. Thus, the quality of the recordings is by no means top notch, but I think you'll get the idea...
  More songs at the "official site"
  Any offers of record deals, world tours, small amounts of cash or even apple pies are of course welcome!

Download free music

Cleveland 4.31 MB Download
Friday Night Entertainment 2.63 MB Download
Little Life 1.83 MB Download
Overcoat 2.97 MB Download
The World Is My Oyster 3.30 MB Download
Thinkers Turned Drinkers 4.02 MB Download

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