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General info

   Artery was born in the summer of ’89 on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria by close friends Yanko, Huby and Chico. Continuing all the way through to ’97 Artery played all over the country at all the venues and big/small festivals, and even had hundreds of appearances on TV, radio and in magazines.
   In Spring ’97 the boys moved to Prague and started to play small acoustic shows with a Greek Bouzouki. This fast gained popularity and moved on to the bigger venues keen to experience with new styles, combining Balkan, Bulgarian and Greek rhythms with the aggression and passion of their favourite Western, Heavy Metal and Hard Core music.
   After two years of touring the Czech Republic the band decided to move to the Netherlands. Up to this point Artery had already recorded three albums.
   In Amsterdam they met Australian Rock/Pop singer Kate Fleming, and with her created, performed and recorded the album “Valley of the Sunflowers.” After two short years Kate left the band, but not without leaving lasting memories, both in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, of the great mix of East European and Australian music. So great was this combination that Artery went on to reach the semi finals of the “Big Prize of the Netherlands” (De Groote Prijs van Nederland) in 1999.
   When Kate left in 2000 her place was filled by a young American guitar player Clyde Shory (13), at which point the band started to revert to their metal roots.
   With Clyde they recorded “Balkan Underground” – popular all over the world!!
   In ’01 Filip Flusser, from the Metal band “Luca Brasi”, joined them to record the Maxi Single “Artery” and the album “Newtopia”. This album was released by Artery’s own record label ARTERIA RECORDS. This release was followed up by shooting a great video of the song “Control” which was NUMBER 1 on Bulgarian music channel “MM” for many weeks.
   ‘02/’03 were busy year for the band, travelling, recording and performing all over, including a full 25 city tour in France with French Metal band “Def Daf” from Orleans. Others include Czech Trutnov Fest (2002) 15,000 people; Dutch Uilen Pop (2003); Melkweg and Paradiso, plus other venues (Amsterdam). Belgium and Germany also feature on the list of places played.
   In April ’03 the boys went to the US for a show in Cagein LA in the world famous “Roxy”. Shavo from S.O.A.D., Monkey of Korn, Logan Mader – Machine Head and Soulfly were at the show and they all loved it. They invited Clyde to join them for a project called “CKUF” at the Indigo Ranch Studio, CA (USA).
   At the end of 2003 Clyde left Artery to join the new band of Logan – “The New Black”, this left Artery with the need for a new guitar player which was taken by Mena, the brother of bass player Huby.
  Janko 14-01-04
  Amongst others Artery have performed with:
  * Agnostic Front
  * Sepultura
  * Sick of it All
  * Fun Loving Criminals
  * Beth Orton
  * Patty Smith
  * Fishbone
  * Johny Winter

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