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Members of the band

  Michiel Verweij - Vocals
  Senne Van Marissing - Guitar, Bass, Keys

General info


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"Avian E.P. coming out this summer!"

  "This is our dream project, something we looked forward to for a long time to realize" Michiel and Senne talk about how happy they are with Aquatic, the group they formed one year ago. "We were waiting for this moment and than suddenly the opportunity was there and we took it..." They've been in music together since they were young... "With the five tracks of our E.P. we want to show all the musical growth we went trough, and how different aspects of music can find harmony..."


  "Why the name Aquatic? Do you guys like swimming?"
  That was what Simon from Basement Jaxx asked us while we were talking to him the other day. It was not the first time we heard this question. We have many reasons why we took this name. We would like to use the following quote of Lao Tzu to give you some ideas:

  Man at his best, like water,

  Serves as he goes along:

  Like water he seeks his own level,

  The common level of life,

  Loves living close to the earth,

  Living clear down in his heart,

  Loves kinship with his neighbours,

  The pick of words that tell the truth,

  The even tenor of a well-run state,

  The fair profit of able dealing,

  The right timing of useful deeds,

  And for blocking no one's way

  No one blames him.

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