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Members of the band

  Corey Guilbault: Lead Vocals
  Tyler Koop: Guitar/Back Up Vocals
  Andrew Mikus: Guitar/Back Up Vocals
  Alex Ross: Bass
  Brennan Chislett: Drums

General info

  Sudbury Ontario Canada's Aorta brings a ton of energy and awesome tunes to the stage with them everytime. Aorta is a blend of Pop Punk with a mix of emo. Corey Guilbault on Vocals, Tyler Koop on guitar and Back ups, Andrew Mikus on Guitar and Back ups, Alex Ross on bass and Brennan Chislett on drums, comprised together they create an awesome blend that is not soon to be forgotten. Whether your listening to their recordings or attending a live show, Aorta will definately leave you wanting more.
  Created in April of 2004 this band has been trying their hardest to push their name through the Canadian music industry. In June of 2004, the band had planned a 15 day tour around Ontario but it had unfortunately failed. The group has also recording a 4 song demo EP which is available to buy off their site directly or After playing their share of shows in the Sudbury Scene Aorta seems to have caught the attention of not only their hometown but surrounding areas aswell.
  Keep your eyes out for this band to be hooking up their very own tour over the march break 2005, along with some new sample from the new CD.

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Lost In the Crowd n/a Download
Sink Or Swim n/a Download

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