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Anneli Rydahl

Anneli Rydahl
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Members of the band

  Harmonic music in the gengre of soft pop/rock. Music to inspire and make you dream.

General info

  Dear friends and fans,
  I've just got back to Sweden after a couple of thrilling months in India. I had the oportunity to sing on the titletrack for a Bollywoodfilm named ISRAA. Beside that I recorded one of my songs and one of the Indian composer Sunny Viswanaths songs "Forever Yours". To top it all my sweetheart Nicko and I performed on the tv channel Asianet for an award function. For more details please check my homepage.
  On the 27th October 2004 the single "Angel of the House" was released, also containing a bonus track with a little Indian influences "I Woke Up This Morning". It's when you wake up that special morning and suddenly everything is clear. The meaning you couldn't see before appeared. A magical moment embraces you...
  Me then, I am Anneli Rydahl, a singer and a songwriter from Sweden. Waterlilies is my first album. This record of mine has taken a lot of time - and at some point I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be finished. My thoughts go to Monet and when he was painting his Waterlilies - his intentions were to cover the walls in two whole rooms - and he would paint them all and then start over. Improve the first work, because it was suddenly not satisfying compared to his latest work. This example is a speaking one when it comes to artistry, I think. The process and the changes that you experience during it.
  My own Waterlilies is the work of my hands. I have not had any record labels involved. I do all the writing and designing myself. My sweetheart - Nikolaus von Knorring - has helped me record, com up with a few riffs and to mix.
  What about Waterlilies then? Why waterlilies of all flowers? Well, I think waterlilies are precious, just like dreams. Another thing they have in common is the hovering, or floating. Waterlilies float on the water surface the way dreams hover in our hearts. Also you could say that the water surface represents a mirror - and if dreams can look into the mirror reflecting themselves I believe they grow stronger. Never forget to believe in your dreams - they can take you wherever. That's what I'm going to prove in my life and it would be wonderful if you joined me.
  It's a little difficult to express all of you, share the image you've got, whatever, simply through these words. If you want to see my very own realm I suggest you take a look at my homepage!
  All the best to you
  / Anneli

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