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Angelic Circus

Angelic Circus
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Members of the band

  Naama Freedman: Lead Vocal & Synths
  Sharon Matyovits-Balsam: Piano, Synths, Bassoon, Lead and backing Vocal
  Rami Moscovich: Guitars, Backing Vocal, Programming

General info

  Angelic Circus is a dreampop / low-fi project Based in Tel-Aviv Israel. Band Members include Naama Freedman, Sharon Matyovits-Balsam and Rami Moscovich.
  "A path, stars and maybe a pond" is the first outcome of weekly meetings between the "Angelic Circus" members - Naama, Sharon and Rami.
  These meetings, which took place in Sharon's living room for a few months during 2012 culminated into a recording session of 5 songs at a studio in downtown Tel-Aviv (along with a few further recordings in Rami's living room).

Download free music

Birds n/a Download
Distant Garden n/a Download
Home n/a Download
It's Over n/a Download
The Trace Of Your Grace n/a Download

Latest tracks

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