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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Angel Wynton

General info

  She won allot first to start:
  The Biggest talent scout ever been hold in the netherlands
  and became first...after that she start to sing in many bands..
  First was the Royal Show band
  and also she started to sing in Country bands.After that she enter the TV Soundmixshow..she won 3 time's 2time's she became 2e
  and one time she became first 1e
  After that she enter the world of famous American Country artist and they became also her friends.
  One of Them is Dwight Whitley
  The Brother of late Keith Whitley
  and then get in Contact with BCR
  well read her website

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I dont wanna play house n/a Download
I see him trough n/a Download
Instrumental n/a Download
Kids say the darndest things n/a Download
Take me to your world n/a Download

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