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Andre Larose

Andre Larose
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Andre Larose - Everything

General info

  Andre Larose is a singer/guitarist/poet who grabs the listener by the ears and demands attention. Honesty, emotion and passion from Canada's best kept secret.
  Andre Larose brings all of this and so much more together in an explosive package that leaves the listener stunned and salivating for more. Not only a fresh new voice but an artist that will truly speak to your emotions.
  He has shared the stage with many great acts such as 54-40, Big Sugar, Sarah McLaughlan, The Sky Diggers, Blue Rodeo, Sloan, I Mother Earth, The Watchmen, Trooper, Nazareth, Junkhouse, and various others.
  An avid lover of poetry, Andre brings an unbelieveable lyrical presence to his music. Influenced by everyone from Edgar Allen Poe to Jim Morrison, Andre is truly a brilliant lyricist, yet another breath of fresh air from this enigmatic young man.
  Musically, the influences come from all over. From Prince to Pearl Jam, The Doors to Kings X, U2 to Jason Bieler, Roland Orzabal to R.E.M, Andre draws inspiration and energy and creates a brand of music that is fresh and enticing.
  Andre Larose now currently resides in the city of London Ontario and together with producer/engineer Derek Gagne, is currently recording the songs that will make up the debut album ironically titled "Slipping Into Fiction".

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Naked To The World n/a Download
Rhythm So Divine n/a Download

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