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Members of the band

  A.S. Goodwin - Sony Acid Music Studio 6.0 and Vocals.

General info

  Andy Goodwin would like to be known as a lyric writer,but the songs on his albums to date suggest a rare talent in complete songwriting.With over 350 song lyrics written since the age of 17 there is a vast amount of songs that can be created.He is writing constantly when he `feels inspired by someone or something`.He joined the International Songwriters Association and gained valuable knowledge on the art of songwriting and made several demos using session musicians to hear his lyrics in `song form`.In 2003 the debut cd `From 17 To The Web Of Dreams`was born,Andy singing and composing,recording and producing all 11 original tracks.A wide variety of styles and genres,a mesh of sounds,this album was the start of something big.The dance/electronica lead track `Little Miss `M`was recently a finalist in Song of The Year for March in 2004 and earned him an `Excellence in Songwriting Award`.Making this cd was such an enjoyable experience,in late 2003 the second album was released.`Give A Heart And Joy,Take A Break And Pain`featured 13 tracks,a massive progression on the debut cd.The lead track is the funky indo-asian `Sisterfriend`.It looks like A.S. Goodwin is here to stay,he`s created a sound of his own,appealing to fans of many different genres.Both CD cover art by Dixdesign,who makes his own music at Check my artist page at for reviews and more songs. Andy has a unique style,take a listen and hear for yourself!.New album,`Visualise`,now available,containing 15 more unusual,genre-crossing tracks.Including the beautiful `Why Not`,a simple soft ballad filled with emotion. He has been working on new tracks for a 5th album!. The 4th will be out soon, provisionally titled "Four 4 U" with 20 more unique experimental tracks. Come and enjoy the experience of A.S. Goodwin`s music!.

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