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Members of the band

  Ryan Backus - Guitars,Production,
  Industrial Synth, Beats, Male
  Vocals, Live Guitars
  Chris Hannigan - Groove Synth,
  Sequencing, Production, Beats,
  Live Synth
  James Wellborn - Male Vocals, Construct,
  Shades of Black, Live Vocals
  Toney Beasley - Male Vocals, Metalsmith,
  Intensity, Live Vocals
  Kailey ( ) - Female Vocals, Celestial Synth,
  Live Vocals

General info

  Electronic Industrial Rock using a mixture of punk/industrial/hip-hop
  beats textured with heavy guitar, intellectually scathing lyrics,and
  free-thought sequencing bound by articulate vocalists.
  All 'Analog' songs are free from samples and MIDI. Every synth
  sound was created either on a Roland Synth or on a Radioshack
  Tone Synth and fed straight though a mixer to be recorded as an
  audio track. Every sound we use is recorded audio created by us,
  for us. The two software packages that we find indispensable for
  composition and mixing are 'Sound Forge Studio 5' and the god
  of DIY music software 'Sonar'.
  The three digit number at the end of the track name is the bit
  rate at which each of the songs were encoded to MP3.
  Here are their respective lengths (in min:sec) and their beats
  per minute.
  Cuticle ------ 3:24 - 100bpm
  Infractions - 4:08 - 148bpm
  Questions - 3:41 --- 94bpm
  Religion ---- 3:40 - 134bpm
  Lastly we would like to give props to anyone getting into creating
  their own music regardless of genre. Screw your Radio and rape
  your T.V.!!

Download free music

Cuticle160 3.89 MB Download
Infractions160 4.73 MB Download
Questions160 4.23 MB Download
Religion160 4.21 MB Download

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