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Fresh Jumbe

Fresh Jumbe
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Members of the band

  Fresh Jumbe Mkuu

General info

  Fresh Jumbe Mkuu, a Tanzanian singer/songwriter who is now moving very fast from Tanzanian Rhumba to his new style of music which he describe as "FRESH HOP". Fresh is mixing up Tanzanian Rhumba/Rock, R&B and HipiHop and manage to create a unique style of music.
  Jirani, Masudi, Bwana Mashaka, Namsaka mbaya wangu (Ama zake ama zangu), Pamela, Ndoa ya lazima, Conjester, Kinyozi hajinyoi, Elimu ni msingi wa maisha, Tuhifadhi mazingira and Penzi ni kikohozi are some of his hit numbers in Tanzania. In 1988 his song TUHIFADHI MAZINGIRA (Let's protect Environment) was big hit in Tanzania, and that made him to be one of only two Tanzanian musicians who were chosen by Tanzania Environment Organization to present Tanzania in African Environment festival in Nairobi Kenya, 1989. And also this song till now has been played in many Environment activities and events in Tanzania including some Environment programs in some Radio Stations
  Fresh mainly sings in swahili, but also in English and Japanese. He owns a recording studio and Video production in Tokyo where he currently reside and perform with his band 'THE TANZANITES'

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Ama zake ama zangu n/a Download
Penzi ni kikohozi n/a Download
Vita! n/a Download
W e can do it! n/a Download

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