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Members of the band

  level: lead vocals, guitar
  e. grizzly: emcee, synth
  zaigone: drums
  j. pupo: bass
  stuntman steve: lead guitar

General info

  AlukarD is a five piece band from Miami, FL who has coined the name "305 Rock" as their brand of music. 305 is the area code for Miami so 305 Rock is Alternative Rock influenced by South Florida culture. Miami is a mecca of international artists and influences fleeting from the West Coast, down to the tip of South America and back up to the neighbors of the North East. It's a huge melting pot of ideals, roots and history. AlukarD embodies the Miami culture in their music and their 305 Rock sound consists of everything from Classic New York Punk, to East Coast Hip Hop, to California Stoner Rock, to South American Metal, and everything in between. AlukarD even uses synthesizers in their music to create an Electro/Miami Bass effect. 305 Rock is music that captures the idea of the Americas as a whole instead of separate cultural entities and this idea can also be identified in AlukarD's lyrics.

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On Our Way n/a Download
The 5th n/a Download

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