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All My Sins

All My Sins
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Members of the band

  Nav Cosmos - bass
  Vermis - rhythm guitar
  Vuk - vocals
  Dzimi - lead guitar

General info

  All My Sins are coming from the city of Pancevo (Vojvodina, SR-MN), and were formed back in year 2000 by Nav Cosmos (bass) and Vermis (rhythm guitar). They wanted to play old-school black metal in the vein of old Mayhem, Darkthrone and Bathory. Lineup was filled later with Vuk (vocals) and Dzimi (lead guitar). A guy named Robert was playing keyboards for some time, but decide to leave the band, later on. Still without permanent drummer, All My Sins were playing primitive variant of norwegian black metal sound - some of their older stuff was known as - "The New Inquisition", "Where is the Eternal Beauty" and "The Mercy". Band is currently working on rearranging these songs, with completely new attitude and atmosphere. During summer of 2001, lineup was finally completed - Dejan came as a permanent drummer and band starts working in full potential. New songs have been written and next year band enters Anton studio (Pancevo, SR-MN) and records first demo, entitled "The Night Sculptures". This demo features 4 songs and approximately 20 minutes of music. Music was inspired by the night, night life and feeling surrounding this motive. The music itself became more melodic, dragging inspirations from bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Abyssos; and sometimes you can hear good old-fashioned heavy metal riff. Lyrics are about their viewpoints of life and feelings, morphed and combined with dark visions and nasty metaphors. All My Sins are currently working on new material, which will be featured on new demo "Shadow of the Moonbeast", and if we ask band members, atmosphere will be much darker and inspired by middle-age paganism with, always welcomed, dark and cold sound. Dejan left the band in the summer of 2003.

Download free music

Dark Putrid Mirror n/a Download
In The Apocalyptic Dream She Arrived n/a Download
To The Land Of Shining Past (To Arkona Part I) n/a Download

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