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Members of the band

  Tomi Viiltola - The Voice
  Juri Vuortama - Lead Guitar
  Tomi Sundström - Lead Guitar
  Mika Mäki - Bass
  Samuli Häkkilä - Drums

General info

  Genuine Heavy Metal Since 1999!
  The driving metal anthems are powered by solid twin guitar attacks and powerhouse drumming.
  A must for fans of 80's & early 90's hard rock and metal era!

  Download the Sunburst-remix of the title track of latest CD Winds Of Fire exclusive here at!
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  There you can also listen to older tracks in MP3 format!

  "Every old-school heavy metal freak should check it out! If Finland has this kind of metal bands, why on earth Tuska metal fest has shit like Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat throwing their crap all over?!?!"
  Review by Archaic Metallurgy

Download free music

Sleep With One Eye Open 5.36 MB Download
When It Is Over 4.49 MB Download
Winds Of Fire (Sunburst Remix) n/a Download

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