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Allen's Hand

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Members of the band

  Stathis Stathopoulos vocals
  Sotiris Papathanasopoulos Guitar
  Panos Zontos Bass
  Gustav Penka Drums

General info

  It all started when Stan (vocals) (after Avalanche disbanded(2008), decided toput together another band,that would be named with the
  stupidest and most ridiculous name possible, so they'd perform the songs he'd written and create more music. His quest for musical companions led him to Soty, a guitarist with mad skills and musicianship, with a face more emotionless than michael jackson
  injected with 1000 botox shots. Through a friend, they found Gustav, a fantastic technical drummer, and quite possibly, the hairiest being in existence. Last but not least, Panos came in to complete the quartet. He might not talk much (at all actually), but he prefers to express himself through the extreme awesomeness that comes out of his 5-string bass. The band is currently rehearsing and performing live and has plans for recording a kick-ass album, as well as achieving their dreams of international stardom and obtaining a mountain of kinder buenos.
   Our musical influences are mostly from the progressive rock scene such as (THE MARS VOLTA,RUSH.BUCKETHEAD.,PROTEST
  THE HERO,CIRCA CURVIVE,RUSH.etc but also from the Alternative scene (Tory Amos,U2......)
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