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Members of the band

  Alexander King - Vocals/Guitars
  Gem Watson - Bass
  Dan Whiting - Drums/Percussion

General info

  Formed in July 1999, the AKp are the musical wing of a global concern called the AKp Cultural Engineering Project, an organisation concerned with broadening mental horizons and increasing emotional wellbeing through analysis and discussion of the human condition.
  Many lineup changes have occurred around songwriter Alexander King, but has finally stabilised with Dan on drums and Gem on bass. An explosive live unit with controversial and theatrical live shows, they are rapidly becoming the UK's premiere avante-pop existentialists.

Download free music

Bulletpoints (Live BBC session) 3.98 MB Download
Diagonal Man (Live BBC session) 3.85 MB Download
Our Heroes 3.43 MB Download
Serious Suburbia (Live BBC session) 4.00 MB Download
Stealth 2.60 MB Download
Wake Up Dead 2.83 MB Download

Latest tracks

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