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Members of the band

  nick robben - vocals
  zach wright - guitar
  david boyle - guitar
  sean reaves - bass
  elijah rust - drums
  tyler hogle - keyboards

General info

  After numerous failed attempts of surviving in the metal scene of Cincinnati, Ohio, two individuals came together with a vision to blend many styles of metal in an attempt to create something new and different from the large number of metal acts today. In 2004, we bring you: Ailinel.
  Ailinel is a metal act based out of Cincinnati that consists of 6 individuals whose previous bands (V-mob, Calamity, Skin Curtain, Banderas, Footprint Scars) were well-established throughout the area. The music is a combination of many different genres of metal that range from: early 80's thrash, death metal, experimental metal, and modern-day hardcore; which creates fast-paced music with mood-setting ambient keyboards that are backed up by an explosive stage show.
  After a year of constant shows, lineup changes, and nonstop promotion, Ailinel is now prepping the release of their first full-length album entitled Masterpiece that will deliver 13 tracks of nonstop pandemonium.
  More information will be added as time progresses.

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A Vague Obsession n/a Download
Price To Pay n/a Download
Ulterior Motives n/a Download

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