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AGENDA The Rock Band

AGENDA The Rock Band
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Members of the band

  Todd Andrew Pronovost - vocals,electric and acoustic guitars
  Ingrid - violin, trumpet, back vocals
  Goose - big bass, back vocals
   Mee-Shka - drums & percussion
  ? - lead & rythme guitars

General info

  AGENDA is an Alternative Rock Ensemble from Montréal, Québec that combines strong personnal and political lyrics with powerfully infectious melodies. AGENDA The Rock Band strives to create fresh, original, diverse and groovy music laced with sweet irony, passion, and emotion. Come and check out out our stuff. You'll listen to it more than once!

Download free music

Don't Wish To Hell n/a Download
Maude (T'est Toute Mélé) n/a Download

Latest tracks

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