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Members of the band

  Danny Perez - Drums
  Issac Villarreal - Guitar
  Justin Aguayo - Guitar
  Kenny Reichelderfer Jr. - Bass

General info

  We are a progressive rock band based out of Victoria, Texas. The two original members of Aeris, Issac and Justin, have been together since May of 2002. Later on, they met Drummer Daniel Perez at the Victoria College, and Bassist Kenneth Reichelderfer Jr. at a classical guitar gig they had at Our Lady of Sorrows, who joined on Dec. 24, 2003. We began writing music and our efforts earned us a gig in Dallas for an End-Of-School Bash. We have recorded a few songs for a demo album entitled "Visions."
  FzV (Justin) is a quiet individual who enjoys his solitude. He spends most of his free time studying, researching odd things and reading Antique books about music. He plans to get a PhD in Music Composition and Theory and intends to score Movie Soundtracks in the near future. His personal Homepage is located at
  Issac also plans to receive a PhD in Music Composition and Theory and score movie soundtracks. Issac enjoys writing music and playing guitar. He also enjoys playing video games.
  Dan is going to get his degree in Business. He enjoys reading, especially his Star Wars books. He also has a son named Cameron. Dan enjoys playing the drums, and he always says "I need more cymbals."
  Kenny is the youngest of the group, still in highschool. He plans to graduate from High School and move on to College. He is still undecided in what he will major in. He enjoys playing video games on the computer, and other consoles. Along with bass, he plays the guitar and piano.

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Nocturnal Rapture n/a Download
Unyielding Cognizance n/a Download
Visions n/a Download

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