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Members of the band

  Pasi Newkid (vocals),
  Niku Oksala (bass),
  Sami Jämsen (guitar),
  Jerkko Tapaninen (drums),
  Petja Turunen (keyboards/sequences)

General info

  Artist description:
  The band´s music is like Dalai Lama with a hangover... raw, groovy and complicated...
  The very essence of our music is simply undiluted brainwork and seamless cooperation of us all.
  Artist history:
  Aeon was founded on spring 1996 in Kuopio mainly from old members of trash/death band Messiah Paratroops.
  Musical influences:
  Primus, Korn, White Zombie, Rammstein, Living Colour, Fear Factory, Garbage, Deftones, Eläkeläiset!
  Promo CD-EPs: "Probe" (97) and "666.1" (99)
  Press reviews:
  Here´s a recent one from november´s METAL HAMMER:
  "AEON match brutal industrial grooves with
  metallic rythms and occasional daubs of
  gothic keyboards. Very convincing and
  definately interesting. (8/10) "

Download free music

Evolve 1.80 MB Download
Matrix Paradox 2.68 MB Download
Probe 1.85 MB Download
Starve 1.95 MB Download
Stringed 2.04 MB Download

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