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Active Defiance

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Members of the band

  Ryan Backus - Guitars, Vocals,
  Neurosis, Lyrics,
  Adam Strickler - Drums, Sanity,

General info

   Active Defiance
  R.I.P 1999 - 2001
  All tracks were recorded at a live show we played at the Club 24/24
  in Savannah GA on May 11th 2001.
  Will we ever ressurect Active Defiance?
  Only DEATH knows and when she whispers in your ear you know
  it's too late.
  For now Backus is writing/playing/composing for the Techno
  /Industrial band Analog you can check them out at:

Download free music

Adrenaline Friends 3.49 MB Download
Punk's Last Will 4.01 MB Download
S.D.A.V.P. 4.73 MB Download
Skate Park 4.40 MB Download

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