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Ace and NINEmm Records

Ace and NINEmm Records
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Members of the band

  AceMackDaddy - vocals, producer
  Hennacy B. Loc - vocals

General info

  In this day and age when the majority of mainstream MC’s are focused on extravagant lifestyles laced with money and all it can bring, the realness presented in AceMack Daddy’s lyrics offers a refreshing change. His passionate lyrics, most of which are based on true-to-life experiences, expose the struggle between hope and hopelessness, weakness and strength and light and darkness that is in us all.
  In the past two years alone, Ace has released close to 100 songs over various independent musician websites including, Besonic, Vitaminic, and IUMA. His tracks steadily move up the charts generated by the amount of user downloads on these sites, often reaching the top 10. His already large fan base is rapidly growing and their demand for more music is tremendous.
  AceMack Daddy has recently started a side project, BlackJack21 – Original Beats and Loops created exclusively by Ace. All of these beats are available for download and for sale on (
  In addition to working on his own music career, Ace has been working with Michigan based up-and-comer, Nastee, on the production of his debut album. Ace continues to perform with various other rappers on multiple collaborations and is always looking for new talent to work with.
  Get all the info at and check back for regular updates.

Download free music

1st BoRN (soundtrack) 3.91 MB Download
2econd Season 4.62 MB Download
Holla Back 4.36 MB Download
Hotel California (Hip-Hop Version) 4.74 MB Download
I Go Loco 3.33 MB Download
NOthINg 2 dO 2.76 MB Download

Latest tracks

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