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Access Denied

Access Denied
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  €#§ Paul Overman Vocals/Lead and Riffaholic
  € Pete Schwanstrøm Drums N Stuff
  € Bård Lauretzen ryth Guitar
  € Henrik Schwanstrøm Bass
  # Pål Henriksen Bass
  # Terje Graven Ryth Guitar
  # Christian Settly Drums
  §# Anders Grøstad Drums
  § Iver Bakke Ryth Guitars
  § Torodd Rimstad Bass

General info

  Access Denied started in Kongsberg Norway 1995. Even though we split after A couple of years. I have decided to awaken this Sonic Nightmare once again with the renouned "Drum molester" Peter Schwanstrøm. We're jamming on new material working titles "Shit Pinate" "668 The Neighbor of the beast" And "Give Napalm A chance"...I Have built A decent home studio. Latley I've been working on remixing some of the older tunes from earlier projects. Cleaning them to be "Eurohits!" not! The symbols in front of the musician's name tell you which of the bands he has graced his unique noize.
  § Vigalante 1988-1991
  # Access Denied 1995-96
  € Beyond God 668 2002-03
  Me and Pete are looking for A bassist and rythm guitar player. The Riffs Kick ass people. Interested? Get in touch. Until next time....Stay tuned.

Download free music

Beyond God Intro n/a Download
Camouflage n/a Download
Chemical Hammer Preview n/a Download
Crutch n/a Download
God Me n/a Download
Stalemate n/a Download
U Phat PhuK n/a Download

Latest tracks

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