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Joe & Orgy's Abortion Clinic

Joe & Orgy's Abortion Clinic
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Members of the band

  Orgy Maggotfeast - Alcohol, vokills, samples, programming, bloody tampons, & molestation of cripples.
  Offensive Joe - Alcohol, vokills, samples, programming, booze hags, & elderly abuse.
  Crazy Jimmy - Our very own retarded mascot, does lots of guest vokills.

General info

  We started the fucking Great White fire & we like to push old people in wheelchairs down large flights of stairs. If you see us walk into your local scum bar, we'll most likly run the place out of alcohol & leave with the oldest fattest ugliest booze hags to take home & molest. We especially like the ones with no teeth & saggy wrinkled breasts. We hate all races including our own, the time for mass genocide is now! The genocide shall take place through a series of Great White concerts.
  This song title got cut off cuz it was too long
  -I Drove a Busload Of Schoolchildren Into The World Trade Center After The Second Plane Hit So I Could Hear Their Screams of Agony
  -We Raped Tori Amos At The Lillith Fair In Front Of All Those Retarded Feminist Cunts
  We have tons of songs & are always making more, so we will rotate them frequently, so if you dig 'em don't forget to save 'em cuz they might not be there long. Also, if you're interested in a cd-r of our shit, drop us a line at the e-mail above.
  Get drunk & molest little kids,
  -Offensive Joe-
  Guest vokills on "Leaving On a Jet Plane" "Jimmy's Crutch Of Doom" "Rosie O'Donnell's A Fat Dyke" & "My Nigger Slaves Pick My Cotton" by Crazy Jimmy

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I Drove A Bus Full Of School Children n/a Download
Jimmy's Crutch Of Doom n/a Download
Leaving On Jet Plane n/a Download
Rapestick Massacre n/a Download
Rosie O'Donnell's A Fat Dyke n/a Download
The No Pussy Rap n/a Download
we raped tori amos at the lillith fair in front of n/a Download

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