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my wooden robot

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Members of the band

  zach miller-guitars,keyboards,effects,backing vocals.
  john hynd-drums,keyboards,laptop
  dan hagan-bassist,effects
  joel ashman-lead vocals,keyboards

General info

  my wooden robot is an offshoot from "epidemic of hate"-"the girl said no" and solo producer "tron".
  hardcore punk,pop punk and electronica.
  with the break up of epidemic of hate, john and ryan mcdonald the guitarist continued to keep jamming purely for an outlet.john living with dan at the time asked him to jam with them also,musically gelling straight away,they continued to keep practicing.
  zack a close friend of the band was also in need of a new direction and was asked to play, eventually showing up he showed great adaption.
  joel also a friend of the band,showed up to the recording of the boys demo to help out,and ended up singing on a couple of tracks,with a strong pair of lungs the boys decided to keep him on.
  ryan the original guitarist eventually leaving,left zach in charge of writing and the band was formed.
  their music has elements from punk,electro and rock
  zack plays fender
  john plays ludwig
  dan plays music man
  and joel plays with himself

Download free music

ellem n/a Download
fitzy n/a Download
lead.on n/a Download
needed that, anyway n/a Download
rock between stones n/a Download

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