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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Mercury Mad aka MERQ MAD
  [Cult leader/lead vocals/guitars/roller skates/fire/your ass!]
  Former Members:
  Lexxxis [guitars/Lead Guitars]
  Asmo [Bass/Air head]
  TOBI KO [Drums]

General info


  In the summer of 2001 MERQ started and fronted the group Vibralux.
  MERQ composed the first half of the Trans-Mission album over a hot homeless summer in Lawrence, KS. The music was composed in honor of 1974 era glam style similar to that of The New York Dolls, Lou Reed, T-Rex, & Bowie. MERQ auditioned members and drew out ideas for outfits and makeup in typical theatrical style. MERQ remained four years as the leader, composer, promoter and makeup artist for the group. For a short time MERQ's friend FRANK acted as fashion director and also makeup artist to the group. The look was based on Kabuki Theatre, Scenester Girl Fashion, J-Pop, and also drag cult movies such as Vegas in Space, and Pink Flamingos.

  In 2003 Vibralux won Kansas City's Pitch Weekly, Best Drag Show. In 2004 the group was nominated for The Pitch Best live Performance. In the spring of 2006 MERQ MAD accepted the NYC Fresh Fruits award for best live performance on behalf of Vibralux.

  2006 NEWS:

  MERQ started the GENERIC X DJ project with famed Lawrence "DJ Art Fag" Gunter Kallman. During the time he is not playing DJ/Host he is composing music for a new Rock Album as well as a dance album.

  MERQ MAD will also be touring in July as guitar/vocal back up for Glam/Goth group Apocalypse Theatre on the U-35 Recon 3 tour as well as performing a bit of his own solo project.

  MERQ MAD, MERCH, and a new DEMO will be available soon!


  NYC Parade Manic Panic float, NYC Village Halloween Parade!
  The Trans Rock Show in NYC
  Vibralux Trans-Mission available
  Reviews: The Pitch, Rock Kansas, Kronic Italy
  Buy Transmission! Tower, CD, MP3.COM.
  Vibralux merch at Plastic Bitches.
  Join the midwest Plastic Bitches

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