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The Demonic

The Demonic
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Members of the band

  Demon - Guitars
  Kam - Guitars
  JP - Vocals
  Gezz - Bass
  Vogg - Drums

General info

  Formed in early 1999 by Demon Dean, and Kam. Progressed from the vain of old-school thrash to a newer tragedy of thund'rous devastation with fullfilment of The Demonic's current lineup.
  We embrace our musical treats as if it were dying in our arms, a passion so ardent it consumes with infatuation and obsession.
  'Twixt a whirl of midnight stampede, the battery of skin is relentless. Fingers bloodied and torn dangle from the razor-wire, taught and motionless as the ground rents its fury in a fit of shaking. You feel our agony in the glacial breeze - it carries a Tale of Languished Woe sung at the top of cancerous lungs.

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Rotting Sleeping Beauty 4.99 MB Download

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