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The Names

The Names
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Graham Jorgenson - VOX
  Tim Sommerville - Percussion

General info

  The Names are playing The Mutiny with Hoyne and The Gems on Jan 10th. You should bring your posse.
  We are from Chicago. We are dangerous and are being followed by CIA at all times. This is because of our craft business in Latin America. The Flaming Lips are an inspiration for us. Local H has fueled the drummer to new heights. We do not care what people say, we have no place to go. Our eyes are glazed over and it is time for recess.

Download free music

Bed n/a Download
Don't Watch The News n/a Download
Hell (New National Anthem) 3.61 MB Download
The Bad Man n/a Download
YBMDTMK n/a Download

Latest tracks

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