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Members of the band

  Teemu Vehkala Jazz

General info

  Teemu Vehkala (b. 1981 Helsinki, Finland)
  Teemu Vehkala plays keyboards, synthesizers, drums and percussion. He compose and arrange music, he got many arranged pieces of T-Square and Casiopea, Dave Grusin, David Foster's songs.
  One band project what he got is "Teemu Vehkala Group" formed in 2001.
  Styles: Contempoary Jazz, Fusion Jazz, Cross-Over Jazz, New-Age, Smooth & Jazz, Easy to Listening, World Fusion.

Download free music

Alone in the Dark Theme (Teemu Vehkala) 0.47 MB Download
Broken Heart 4.00 MB Download
Drunk 3 (Teemu & Aleksi) humour song 2.91 MB Download
Heart of Illusion (New-Age) 5.82 MB Download

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