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Pradah Black

Pradah Black
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Members of the band

  Pradah Black (Harith Miles) Vocalist, Producer.

General info

  What's good? Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my page. I am an unsigned recording artist here in the Dallas, TX area. I have been both writing & singing semi-professionally since age 8, and rapping since 1987. I started out singing in several local community church & gospel choirs here in the Dallas area. I have also held acting casting roles in several Theater Productions: "Dream Girls" (1995, Texas Southern University - Houston, TX), "The Wiz" (1994, Casa Manana Theater - Fort Worth, TX), and "The Piano" (1998, Jarvis Christian College - Hawkins, TX). I graduated from college with a Bachelors of Science in Education in December of 1998 and since have written several House, Hip-Hop, and Gospel songs wish I hope to all have published very soon. The material on my page is all written by me and pretty much all original accept for a few tracks used by & with permission from the artists such as "Do U Want Me". Thanks to everybody who supported my first underground single "Grinding' Out" you all blew it up!!! To all reading this: "Don't you ever give up on your dreams and keep on Achieving!" I have been at this since I was a child and I still have not been discovered and I'm not giving up on myself until my Savior comes to call me back home. I suggest you do the same... God Bless ~ Pradah Black aka Harith - "Keep ya head to the Sky"

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Bed Time Story 2.88 MB Download
Change 3.77 MB Download
Do U Want Me n/a Download
Grindin' OUT 4.43 MB Download
Tragedy n/a Download

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