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Members of the band

  Jason Petrovitch

General info

  These Instrumentals are a few songs that I never bothered putting vocals on, so I am offering them royalty-free to indie directors.
  I have about 20 songs available.
  Shoot me an e-mail if you would like any non-mp3 versions and I will send you a CD.
  Also please let me know if you use any of them so that I can send you the correct copyright info.
  I don't care what you use them for, I just want exposure.
  Jason Petrovitch

Download free music

Any More Mondays n/a Download
Dreary Hangover Score n/a Download
Eerie Score n/a Download
Funk From The Know n/a Download
I Gotta n/a Download
Mandarin Plan n/a Download
Please Let Me Get What I Want n/a Download

Latest tracks

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