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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Brian Panowich - Lead Vox
  Jason Bevill - Lead Guitar,backing vox
  Eric Talbott - Drums & pow-pow
  James Burch - Bass,backing vox

General info

  Formed three years ago in the armpit of the South, KINGTHURSDAY brings the rock. Their fresh, singable, aggressive pop music is custom tailored to be played loud and right smack in the middle of the party.
  Of course you haven't had a true KINGTHURSDAY experience until you've rocked out at one of their full-blown, in your face, rock shows.
  Four guys, massive hooks, and high energy has landed KINGTHURSDAY in many high profile shows including the Atlantis Music Conference, several Athfest appearances, and clubs covering the South by Southeast. The band has also shared the stage with heavyweights such as Bush, STP, Buckcherry, Billionaire, Loudmouth, and VH1's Harlow.
  KINGTHURSDAY's debut CD "ROCKSTARFISH" , with the songs "4 O'CLOCK." and "ROCKSTAR", made it's way onto several mainstream and college radio stations by appealing to everyone from housewife to headbanger.
  With the release of the bands new CD "KINGTHURSDAY PRESENTS: THE SPANISH ELBOW", South by Southeastern radio stations are already playing the highly requested song "FOR THE MOMENT."
  With a fanbase growing by the day, and a recently signed corporate sponsorship with JÄGERMEISTER, KINGTHURSDAY has only just begun their journey to the pinnacle of rock

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