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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Ben - Lead Vocals, Bass
  Giles - Vocals, Guitars
  Neil - Guitars, Evilness
  Jason - Drums

General info

  JOSKI formed in London May 2001, playing their first show a month later. Constant gigging and two self-produced EP's distributed at shows and from their website , saw them headlining All-Ages shows to 800 people by December 2001.
  The recording and the release of the Dircetion Finding EP in early 2002 meant that the JOSKI word spread further, and quicker. A mailing list of a thousand+ fans, over 500 hits a day on, near constant live appearances, and the support of one Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, all helped fuel the fire.
  Radio play from Steve Lamacq on Radio 1, John Kennedy on XFM and John Patrick on Total FM in early summer 2002, gave JOSKI exposure to a wider audience. Offers of supports with InMe, Fony and Number One Son followed, as well as industry interest. Word spread quickly among the alternative community on the web, winning JOSKI fans from the United States to Singaporeand everywhere in between.
  JOSKI write music that is dynamic, accessible, emotional and original. Their musicianship is honed and thier performances are driven by energy and passion for what they do.

Download free music

Direction Finding 2.73 MB Download
Falling Down 3.09 MB Download
Sad Smile 3.90 MB Download

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