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Jess Biyet ! ! !

Jess Biyet ! ! !
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Members of the band

  Vocals/Lead Guitar:R.J."Strumit"
  Rhythm & 12 string Guitar:Dawson the "Leprechaun" Koller

General info

  Layed back, from the heart guitar soloist who can really put the soul into a musical arrangement!
  An accomplished Lead Guitar as well as Lead Vocalist for the better of 25 yrs. honing his guitar & vocal skills with the band Diamond Dust later went on to preform with such groups as Ways-n-Means, Hard Knox, Special Forces, The Brew Crew which later was renamed to Chained Web, after the groups guitarist and bassist were replaced.

Download free music

Killer Thriller 3.63 MB Download
Lounge Lizard 3.07 MB Download
Mindless Haze 3.21 MB Download
Noone to call n/a Download
Not on my time. n/a Download
Sixty Nine n/a Download

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