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Members of the band

  FunkyE9th is Ferdie Brillantes

General info

  I'm using this site to demo songs that I've recorded. Planet Groove songs were recorded at Chicago Recording Co. "Lullabye" by Digable Cat was recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA.
  Planet Groove...
  Digable Cat...
  Something Jenny...
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Download free music

Ain't Got You (by Planet Groove) 3.17 MB Download
All The Things You Are (Solo) 1.18 MB Download
Let Me Take It To Ya (by Planet Groove) 4.47 MB Download
Lullabye (by Digable Cat) n/a Download
Make You Feel Alright (by Planet Groove) 3.68 MB Download
Someone To Watch Over Me (Solo) 1.89 MB Download
Triste (Solo) n/a Download

Latest tracks

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