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Fictive Kin

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Members of the band

  Steve: Rythm guitar/Vocals
  Perry: Lead Guitar/Vocals
  Vincent: Rhodes/B3/Synths/vocals
  Kevin: Vocals
  John: Bass Guitar/Vocals
  Larry: Drums/Percussions

General info

  Fictive Kin is a melting pot of individual and style of music. Perry is an amazing blues/rock guitar player, his guitar solos will get you hook to the music :) The last member arrived in the band is Vincent. Vincent came from France 4 years ago with a total different music background that was Jazz/Fusion/Reggae. Some of his compositions can be find from the MP3 files available on this site. those songs are not performed by Fictive Kin yet :) John is a solid bass player and will give you that groove that will make you move your feet and body :) More to come...

Download free music

Fictive Kin - Night 3.58 MB Download
Fictive Kin - Sister 4.02 MB Download
Vincent - 100% Groove 3.79 MB Download
Vincent - Last Offense 3.66 MB Download
Vincent - West of Paris 4.12 MB Download
Vincent - You 2.74 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks