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Falling Forward

Falling Forward
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Members of the band

  Tabbert Wakley- Vocals & Guitar2
  Jake Simmons-Guitar and Vocals
  Erin Weaver-Trumpet & back.vox
  Simeon Lowe-Drums and back.vox

General info

  Aloha, were Falling Forward a Christian ska\punk band from Grand Ledge, Michigan. We are made up of 5 crazed members.We just finished our 5 song E.P. that was recorded at Apartment Four Records.Anyway, our website happens to be if you would like you can visit it and sign the guestbook and say nice things about us or our music. or you can say mean things, but we don't encourage that. Yea, and we like Keebler Elf cookies so please mail us some if you have any laying around your house or somthing. Thats about it. Thanks alot. Hug a monkey. Dance with an otter.... or just download our music! - FF

Download free music

Birds Eye Scinerio 1.48 MB Download
Train of Thought 1.49 MB Download

Latest tracks

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