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Dj Destruction

Dj Destruction
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Terje Løvstakken
  Pentium III,733 Mhz
  Music Maker 6
  Internet audio mix 1.48
  Cool Edit 2000
  Soud Forge 5.0
  And don´t forget a lot of sigaretts!

General info

  I´m a dj and i began to make music one year later than my friend(Dj Nobeat),Just to find out that I could do it.I think that i do well,but thats not up to me to say.
  I Love to make remixes and ofcause other stuff!!???
  I great my love(Elisabeth) for the patience she´s had with me.When i spent day & night in front of my pc!!!!
  Feel Free,Explore!!!!!!

Download free music

Halloween 2001 (Orginal-cliffal mix) 3.53 MB Download
The Wave (Desertstorm Mix) 2.79 MB Download

Latest tracks

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