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Members of the band

  Saku Ovaska, Vocals/Guitar
  Teemu Utti, Vocals/Guitar
  Ari Thomander, Drums
  Pekka Koivuniemi, Bass

General info

  Colditz plays melodic hard rock and it was formed in september 2000. We have played about 40 gigs all around Finland. Colditz has done three demos and the critics about music and live performances have been very positive. Our hometown is Hyvinkää and we want to rule the world of course! Our influences are Kiss, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, The Doors etc.

Download free music

Hair Of The Dog 3.45 MB Download
No More Bad Times 3.17 MB Download
The King Is Dead 5.64 MB Download
This City is Mine 3.47 MB Download

Latest tracks

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