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50 Foot Ninja

50 Foot Ninja
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Brian - Guitar, back vocals
  Jon - Bass, vocals
  David - Drums

General info

  "Wow, they sound like Green Day ran head on into Weezer!!" she said after the first song of the night began. "Yeah, these guys are awesome live!!" he replied.
   Opening the show with their bone crushing "Sleeping Without You", 50 Foot Ninja wowed the crowd with fireworks, and a laser show that would make Pink Floyd proud.
  Keeping the crowd on their feet for about an hour, the band was treated like kings, greeting each song with more enthusiasm than the last.
   50 Foot Ninja's freshmen album has just been released, and what a way to kick things off.
   Just when you think there's no possible way the night could get any better, you've thought wrong. A familiar ground thumping bassline begins to fill the air, and the crowd lets out a massive roar. The much-loved "Weezer T-Shirt" was 50 Foot Ninja's last song of the night, and it was played to perfection, maybe even better.
   Finding your way to your car was almost like an encore, as 50 Foot Ninja could be heard pouring out of almost everyones car stereos leaving the parking lot.
  Bravo boys, bravo.

Download free music

So Far Away 3.50 MB Download
Weezer T-Shirt 4.23 MB Download

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