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4E Inc

4E Inc
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Members of the band

  Shane Diamond

General info

  Controversy, Creativity or Creepy, it all does describe 4E Inc (4Ever Incorporated) since November 12th 2006 when Shane & Jessica came up with the company while sitting around Jessica's parents home waiting for lunch to cook the idea of 4E came to them, because to them 4E means: Love, Life & Living.
  Now many people look at that and say "Life & Living are the same" but it isn't to Jessica & Shane Diamond, you see 4E describes many aspects of there lives:
  LOVE : The LOVE between Jessica & Shane will be lasting 4Ever as well as the LOVE of writing and doing various other things that you will be able to see right up here on the official online home of 4E Inc.
  LIFE : The LIFE that Jessica & Shane share between them is nothing like you would ever see, while they will be together for LIFE they do plan on doing what helps them get through the days as well as any interest that they have had through there LIFE this can include anything from writing poetry to running fantasy sport leagues. Anything at all that helps them to get through the days and allows them to do what they love and to be themselves is what you'll be seeing right here on 4E Inc.
  LIVING : LIVING to Jessica & Shane is LIVING without boundaries, it means that they'll have the freedom of speech to say or do anything that there mind or heart wishes to say.
  Thoughts, Emotions, Dreams & Desires are what formed this company and all 4 of those things will 4Ever shape this company for the years to come. The releases that come from the company can come fast at times and at other times they can come slow, but each release will truly be a good solid release up to the high standards of the founders of 4E, nothing will be released until it has been approved by both founders of the company and have been given two solid thumbs up, without hesitation or "could have done better".
  This company demands the best out of everyone associated with it, and with every release we plan on giving our fans the best that they can receive. This company is the Thoughts, Emotions, Dreams & Desires of both Shane & Jessica. The company will take pride in each release and any business venture that it steps into. So you the fan can rest assure that we will be bringing what we truly think are the best releases from any sort of project from anything that we choose to do directly to you, and we shall bring forth the best of everything.

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