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City Streets 14207

City Streets 14207
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Members of the band

  Larry Saunders - Guitar, Vocals
  Bob Ginter - Bass
  Don Platts
  Paul Hermanson - Drums
  Dennis King - Vocals

General info

   We have a blues retro feel, but the songs still all feel new. I guess it is a kind of cross mix of rock, jazz, and blues. Some country seems to also show it's self. Plus a few alt rock tunes so it stays interesting.

Download free music

6 AM 3.71 MB Download
Airplane n/a Download
Dark Of Days 5.17 MB Download
Do Ya? n/a Download
My Friend 3.70 MB Download
Special Friend 4.10 MB Download
Tickle My Fancy n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks