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3 Legged Dog

3 Legged Dog
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Members of the band

  Stephanie B. - Lead Vox
  Wes - Guitar, Vox
  Geno - Percussion, Vox
  Josh - Harmonica, Vox
  Stephanie M. - Backing Vox

General info

  During the fall of 1995, five american college students from across the US met up in London during a study abroad program and formed the acoustic-based group 3 LEGGED DOG. During their short four month stay, the group attracted the attention of the London music scene and 3 LEGGED DOG performed their original songs at various London venues including London's notorious Mean Fiddler. Below can be downloaded a few poor quality recordings made by the group before it disbanded in December of 1995.

Download free music

01 - Attic n/a Download
02 - Fake n/a Download
03 - Car Wash (Soundcheck 12.14.95) n/a Download
04 - Flowers (Live 12.14.95) n/a Download
05 - Blues Jam (Live 12.14.95) n/a Download
06 - Would For You (Written by Perry Farrell) n/a Download

Latest tracks

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