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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Shawn McCloskey-Guitar/Vocals
  Chris Carroll-Bass/Vocals
  Dominic Cole-Drums/Percussion

General info

  Nakied Mole Productions
  C/o John Doan
  64 No. Pennsylvania Ave
  Morrisville, Pa 19067
  12HORSE were formed in the fall of 1997 as a side project of Guitarist Shawn McCloskey & Bassist Chris Carroll. Together, with a common love of free form jamming, they decided to start having impromptu jam sessions with various drummers around the Philadelphia area. Constant touring often put 12HORSE on the back burner, until September of 1999 when it seemed that by fate Carroll & McCloskey's band dissolved. 12HORSE now had plenty of time to jam and even began writing songs for a demo.
  Dominic Cole became the full time drummer of 12HORSE when he left his band The Loners, thus completing the trio¡¦s line-up
  The band signed on with booking agents Naked Mole Management & began to play around the Philadelphia area. Known for there long sets with a mix of originals & covers as well as some free form jamming, the band began to pack the clubs and started to be in more demand. Offered a tour in Daytona Fl. at Bikeweek, 12HORSE traveled the two thousand miles to start the spring tour and in turn made their first East Coast road trip from Daytona to Philly. With a growing fan base the need was felt for an album so, 12HORSE recorded an EP entitled ¡§Live @ the Matthews¡§. Followed with a studio EP in September of 2000 entitled ¡§In A Time of Drunk¡¦n Horses¡¨ both recorded by engineer Dave Matthews. The two Ep's have sold over 1000 copies each in the few short months they have been available.
  In October of 1999 the 12HORSE website went up at ( as well as the 12HORSE page. 12HORSE have managed to not only reach the top of MP3¡¦s charts with several songs, but have also started being played on over 100 Internet radio stations.
  12HORSE are currently shopping their EP¡¦s to record labels, looking to record and release a full-length album. To date the band has toured Atlanta, Ga. and Daytona, Fl. and has also been playing in the Baltimore & New York areas. A full East Coast tour is set to go in March of 2001.

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Darkest Days 3.66 MB Download
New Orleans Song 3.92 MB Download

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